A Mighty Community with Tricia Murray
A Mighty Community with Tricia Murray
Tricia Murray

I'm creating a Community where Marketing Means More

Marketing, Meaning & MORE for Mavericks & Mavens in Micro-Business.

My Endgame: 

Making Marketing Mean More, so you can utilize it to Create More

My Game Plan: 

 Offer Monthly Core Experiences that reframe, realign and restore more (marketing, meaning & creating)

Recalibrate the Marketing, the Meaning and the More with small groups

Provide just right blend of marketing counsel, coaching or contract support for what you need right now...from‘Ms. Right Now’

My Playbook:
Essential Elements
Back to Basics
Sufficient, Structured, Simplified
Beyond the Surface to the Substance

Help you find YOUR way to connect the marketing & the meaning for the more...

...where MORE means actually more and, better.
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